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I like to help out my Affiliate with the tools needed when promoting. Below you’ll find the bits you need to get started.


Warm up emails:

Subject Lines:

You will fall in love with this PLR…[coming soon].
[coming soon]… I want to let you know about this PLR DEAL early….
One of the best [PLR DEALS] I’ve seen in a long time…

Email 1.


Hi [firstname],

PLR (Private Label Rights) Do you know what it is?

The basic version is, someone else’s products that you have the rights to
rebrand, sell, use as is and as your own.

Shop’s for example, would buy a batch of products from a manufacturer, and sell it for a
profit in their shops as there own.

… And this is done all over the world…

So, listen it’s also around in the digital world to, if you didn’t know!

In the next few days my good friend and marketer Simon Newcombe, Has
the PLR goods coming and on it’s way to you.

It’s Called “The Study Of Meditation”

I’ll have access to a review copy to go through, I’ll be
sure to let you know the good bad and the ugly…

This is just a short message to let you know about it and whats coming soon…

So, please keeps your eyes open for the next few emails,


Talk with you soon..


[Your Name]….

Email 2.


Hey [first name],

Hope you’re doing good.

Today is just a short one.

I wanted to let you know about a real marketing PLR DEAL.

It’s coming up for launch soon and from Simon Newcombe, He is from the UK England,
And been in the Marketing world for around 11 years now.

He has decided to enter the world of PLR (Private Label rights)
and in the next few days has a new product launch coming!

It’s Name is – “The study of meditation” And has some OUTSTANDING Value…

So look out for the next few emails it’s going to keep you informed
when it goes live, and at the lowest price…

Talk real soon,

stay cool,


[Your Name].

Sales Promo Emails:

Subject Lines:

Hey [FIRSTNAME], We’re Live – Go Now!
It’s live [firstname], What an Opportunity…?


Emails 1.


Hi firstname, YES Niche Marketing PLR Meditation Box
is live and waiting for You!

Get your early bird pricing on this page RIGHT NOW!

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What a great offer you’re getting today

“The Study Of Meditation PLR BUNDLE”

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The box contains a full products and funnels. …

ebook, lead magnet report, check-list, email swipes,
follow up email swipes,landing page, sales pages, articles,
DFY Blog post and more. …

Check it out here and what ever you do – “Don’t miss it…..”

… {Place your link here}…

Plus there is also 3 bonuses too…

So, go a head and grab this one, you’ll thank me when you do.

Here’s your link again. …

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All the very best,

Your pal,


[your name]

P.S Please don’t miss this great opportunity, you’ll
be kicking yourself.

And once more time.

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Email 2.


Hi, [firstname], [yourname] here.

Hope you are well, because today is a great day.


Well, let’s just say it’s a great day for an opportunity for you to pick up, this “AMAZING PLR DEAL” has just gone LIVE!

… {Place your link here}…

As you know or should know “Content is King” in marketing and PLR is great for speed and opportunities!

With PLR it’s all been done for you, all you got to do is a bit of editing, new covers if you wish, add some buy buttons and you ready to go. …

This one is Called “The Study Of Meditation” and you can grab the box right now for the low price of $9.95

There is some cool bonuses too – Take a look for yourself right here.

… {Place your link here}…

Ebook, This is 10.000 plus words, you get to sell as your own and keep 100% of it.

High quality sales page and copy, with conversion in mind.

Lead Magnet report, Build your email list with this one.

Squeeze page, This you get to help build your list, these high converting page have been blow up, at around 45% to 60% conversions

Meditation check-list, this one is just a to do list for your meditation needs and easy to follow list..

And much, much more…

Go now and see for yourself.
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Talk soon

your pal,


[Your Name].

P.S You’ll be kicking yourself, if you miss out on this one.
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Final Call Emails:

Subject lines:

Going, going, GONE Last chance to save!
It’s NOW or NEVER. Secure yours NOW!
“PRICE RISE” Tomorrow. Hurry!

Email 1


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Nothing more to say for this one apart from, Go Grab It RIGHT NOW!

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And at the lowest price…

Talk soon


Your pal

[Your Name].

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Email 2:



Not sure if you got to see yesterdays email.

It was about the last day before the price rise for

“The Study Of Meditation PLR Bundle” offer…

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Lot’s of content within this offer
PLR at it’s best.

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[Your Name].

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