Digital Marketing, What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, What Is Digital Marketing?

There's a question that so many people are asking when they look in to the digital marketing world.

What is digital marketing? Where do I start? How do I start? How much money will it cost me to start? Etc. etc.

So Let's get in to the first one, What is digital marketing?

Marketing is about the marketing of products or services. Digital marketing is basically the same but using the internet or web to do.

As you may no. The technologies of the world today is mostly on the internet and the world is now mostly run by computers. Mobile phones and lots of other mediums.

Also the high level of digital marketing, Stays to advertising but announced and delivered via the internet, and different channels. Some of them being the search engines, social media, mobile apps, websites and along with email. (Check out Neil Patel For more Digital Marketing tips and tricks)

Digitization in marketing and how most marketers or businesses define digital marketing.

There are a number of different ways to marketing online and how we define it as a business or our marketing channels are, connections of our prospects and customers.

Lets say a blogger will create a number of blog post for his/her website, this would also be know as a content marketer/ blogger, also classed a writer. A form of advertising a product via the written word. Now someone who is doing digital marketing via social media or social media management, is the person that would be out there advertising the blog post for the blogger/content marketer.

Connecting the bloggers content with customers on the places they like to hang out most, and they spend large amounts of time on these places.

For the email marketer, lets say he or she may create and send out an email series to their list, which would also be another way on how to promote the blog post a long with other information that the subscribers are interested in.

Example list within digital marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Native Advertising
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Online PR
  10. Inbound Marketing

As you can see, there is a lot to it, and how you go about your digital marketing can make or break your business just by the way you do things.

Is it best to stick with a planned out strategy of digital marketing.

Sure it is, best practice is to have strategy of marketing, setting goals for future business growth, revenue, more customers, more awareness of your company, most defiantly a way to see success.

The four 4 p's of marketing: to think about for your marketing plan.

Product, Place, Price and Promotion lets mix and divide them a little in no particular order,

Product: Good or services offered from companies to customers.

Place: (and distribution) Does it have a place within your niche market, and distributed activities that make consumers aware or a company or its products.

Price: It's the money charged by companies to customer for purchasing their products.

Promotion: Advertising and communicating about the features and benefits of products to prospects to make purchases and become customers.

The problem with the four Ps of marketing is focus, as they are only looking at the marketing from a sellers view. And in any form of marketing the BUYER'S view should always be the main connection and concern.

Lets reinterpret the four Ps as the four Cs. Putting the customer interest (the buyer) first ahead of the sellers (marketer's).

  • Customers solutions, Not products: Customers need value and a solution to their problems.
  • Customer Cost, Not Price: Cost does not make a difference when the solutions solves the problems and value.
  • Convenience, Not place: Make it simple, easy and convenient for customers to make a purchases.
  • Communication, Not promotion: Support your customer's and make it simple to communicate with you and your company.

Do you need courses on online marketing?

It's a choice really, If your looking at learning new skills or just looking to learn the basics of digital marketing then it may be worth investing in an online marketing course. There are hundreds of courses out there on the net, but how do you choose one. What marketer to follow. What is it you are looking to learn.

Blogging, email marketing, social media, content marketing, product creation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, drop shipping, etc, etc.

and many hundreds more you can choose. I my self am a product creator, blogger content marketer, email marketer, and yes you can and do combined a few method together for your digital marketing.

Product creation that I do myself is PLR niche marketing products and you can find them at Niche Marketing PLR Boxes, and I also have courses around email marketing, blogging etc at the Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Membership.

Marketing funnels!

Do you need them in digital marketing, Simple answer YES. It's a process of taking a prospect through your marketing funnel and turning them in to customers a long the way.

Digital Marketing

Here's an image of a simple video funnel that I created a while back, and it can be changed for the needs you need it to be, however it gives you the basics to a marketing funnel. How the flow should be and how you would incorporate pages together with emails. You send out the emails to the prospects who are going through your marketing funnel.

Connecting content and sales pages through the funnel so prospects will begin to trust and follow you, So they can make your product purchases as they go through your funnel.

The process of any marketing funnel, should be to turn prospects, readers, followers in to subscribes, build trust and relationships and along the funnel and turn them in to loyal customer's.

Affiliate marketing is also done via marketing funnels.

Lets break down affiliate marketing a little, with the basics.

  • Niche market
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Free gift to offer
  • Landing page/squeeze page
  • Thanks you page
  • Auto-responder to collect and send emails
  • Affiliate products


Niche Market:

Health, Wealth, Relationship are the main niche markets in the digital marketing space, however very broad and wide to market in. You got to break them down and go after sub-niches.

An example break down,

“Relationship Advice for Men and Women” Broken down, but still a very broad term.

Now lets go down a little more “Relationship Advice For Men Over 5o” as you can see very specific and targeted.

It also carries some benefits, ie (Advice for men, target = relationships, men, over 50).

Domain name:

As above you can drill down to find a great domain names, you should try to be targeted and show some benefits. Try to keep them short 3 to 4 words as most people forget them if they are to long.

Over50relationshipadvice .com

50relationshipadvice .com

relationshipover50advice .com

relationshipsforover50 .com

Just a few off the top of my head, they may work they may not :-)....


You'll need hosting to create a website for your landing pages/squeeze pages and thank you pages, you'll need the hosting to host your website online or on the net.

Special deal for Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Pro Members, Here your memberships comes with your own FREE c-panel hosting account.

Free gift to offer:

When starting out in affiliate marketing, you'll be doing email marketing, and that will require you to build a list of subscribers. Now how you build your list is by offering them a free gift to for their email address, it's like a bribe, a gift for your email.

You'll build your list of subscribers and grow your list relationship with value and trust and recommend products to them which are related to your free gift and niche market.

Niche Marketing PLR Product Boxes, are all done for you, gift, pages, product you can sell, graphics everything.

Landing page/squeeze page/Thank you pages:

These are website pages with one purpose, to capture some ones email and turn them in to your email list subscribers and a way to deliver your free gift to new subscribers.

Digital marketing landing page Digital marketing thank you page



Here in the images above you'll see a niche marketing landing page and thank you page from our Koi product.

Auto-responder to collect and send emails:

What is an auto-responder and what are they used for. It's a piece of software which allows you to collect and send emails, build list of subscribers. Also allows you to put your email marketing business on automation and growth.

You can be doing other thing while your business is still going and growing making you sales and revenue for years to come.

Most top auto-responder give you a free 30 day trial to start out, but then the cost comes at a rate of around

$20 per month for up to 500 to 1000 subscribers, then the cost jump higher when you go over the amount of subscribers listed.

AWeber Pricing – Starts at $19 per month. Here's a screen shot for you to check out.


Special deal at Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Membership.

Here's the thing the cost when you start out in email marketing can be high, and when you're unsure what you are really doing these cost are still there and keep coming month after month.

I know this because I been through the struggle trying to pay the cost and learn the how to, the time fly's by but the cost keep coming. I gave up many time because I simple run out of money.

So, now I don't want to see you do the same and you shouldn't have to, So the special deal is ever Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Member get a Auto-Responder account and up to 5000 subscribers. That's a value from Aweber above of $49 - $69 per month.

Yours FREE at – Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Membership.

Affiliate products:

Where do you find affiliate products to promote, there are a few networks, but I'll share the top 3.


Digital products are huge at click-bank, joining is free, pick a product, create a hop-link or your affiliate link and promote related products to your email list of subscribers.


Again huge for the digital marketing products, however most products here are related to the wealth, make money niches.

Amazon Affiliate program:

Now Amazon affiliates are all in the physical products market but they also have Kindle books, but the commissions are very low, as to the physical products commission are low but you can promote high priced products and in-turn make better commission for it.

I found the way to making Amazon affiliate commissions is by creating high quality review and content sites.

Summery of digital marketing

Getting in to or looking at starting in the world of Digital Marketing takes time effort and a whole lot of commitment, it's hard work, you'll want to give up, you will give up just like I did. Some how I new there was a way through and kept coming back and back again.

Learning new skills is one thing and the truth to learning them new skills, is most people learn them and then forget about them and end up doing nothing with them. If you do learn a new skill, just make sure you use them and go for it. See you one the other side. 🙂

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Cheers and Thanks,

Simon. N


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