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From Simon Newcombe

It takes time, it’s hard work, it boring, it’s tedious, hours sometimes days to set up a brand new website plus all the graphics, copy landing pages, blogs, sales pages etc, etc….

You’ll be very happy to know you’ve just dicovered the Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Done-For-You Service. Nothing for you to do here, after purchase today right now we’ll put all the work in for you.

You’ll get to sit back, take a load off and wait a few days in the knowing you’ll be having your…..

Website, Landing page, graphics, copy, sales page, and everything else along the way being set up and ready to go for you.


Niche Marketing Done-For-You Service

Will we even set up your blogs on the site with the ready to go blog post, all the linking of your pages done. And sending all visitors back to your own landing page and collecting you them all important subscribers.

Here's What We're Doing For You!

Step one, setting up your domain.
Step two, setting up your hosting.
Step three, Installing WordPress and theme.
Step four, Installing and activating essential plugins.
Step Five, Importing all your graphics.
Step six, Importing and installing all your pages.
Step seven, Interlinking all pages together for subscribers and sales.
Step eight, setting up your blog and post.

And Much Much More….

Now with all the above, I am sure you can see it takes time, it’s hard work and sometimes it’s dam right boring and tedious.

So Listen, Here’s your choice sure you can go about doing all the above for yourself, so may be in the next few weeks you’ll be up and running. You may have a few pages done, but there’s always more to do, and by the time you do finish your pissed-off with it, lose heart let alone time and money.

Now however why not let us get you going and really be set up as fast as we can honestly do it for everyone who makes their purchase today. If your one of the first to buy this service you could be one of the lucky ones and be set up by next week.

Your time and money is hard earned, why waste it…. Let someone who does it everyday do the heavy lifting for you.


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Niche Marketing PLR Boxes Done-For-You Service