Online Digital Business Things To Get You Started?

Online Digital Business Things To Get You Started?

Starting an online digital business is a lot more simple and a lot more less expensive than most people think. When looking to set up an offline business, like a shop or retail unit, the cost are super high to get started.

There's things like,

1, Rent
2, Rates
3, Stock
4, Bills, (phone, electricity, heating etc,).
5, Insurances
6, Employee's and wages.
7, Your own wages (if any)

To name a few, there is probably a lot more involved with an offline business start up. And believe it or not most offline businesses fail or go out of business within the first year or two.

So, what is needed when starting an online digital business?

First, things first I' ll give you the cheapest, fastest and most simplest online digital business to get set up.

So, what is the online digital business model to go with, Answer: Email Marketing!

Email marketing is simple to start and when done right, can be very profitable. Also it by far the cheapest online business to set up and start.

Here a list of 10 things you'll need!

1, Niche – Free.

2, Domain – £7 to £16 per year.

3, Hosting - £2.69 - £29.00 per month.

4, Two page website - Free

5, Gift or reports - Free

6, Blog for content - Free

7, Products to sell - Free

8, Auto-responder - £12 to £1000 per month

9, Emails - Free

10, Traffic - Free and Investment.

As you can see above not much cost to set up and start an online digital business with using email marketing. Time will and dose play a big part of the business model, you got to put in lots of effort and commitment to make it work and do it right.

Your building a list of subscribers interested in a specific topic or market (Niche). Your list will become your asset to your business. Growing it with more and more subscribers will allow you to keep your business going and growing to gain more and more profits.

TRUST AND RELATIONSHIP – Is the most important part of email marketing!

Email Marketing

If you have no relationship with your subscribers you will have no trust, and you'll sure lose subscribers and none of them will become your customers.

The relationship you build with your subscribers, is all about the value you share with them, how helpful you are to them. Treating them as a friend and not someone you just spam offer after offer to.

Sure you'll be sending offers and promotions, just do it in a good way, recommend things to them that you have used yourself and that you found of good use.

Promotions and offers are a part of doing business.

How do you build the list relationship?

Sharing great VALUE, Be Honest and helpful to each and every subscriber on your list. Share blog post you found interesting or blog posts you have written yourself. Share great videos that have lots of benefits in them or teaching something.

When you make a purchase to something REVIEW IT, the good, the bad and the ugly parts, share your views on it, is it a good product, is it over priced, is it under priced, are there more cost inside to take action on with the product it's self. Is it an easy program to follow, or may be it's very technical to implement.

All the above here is showing and sharing VALUE and your subscribers will love you for it, and their comes the TRUST in your relationship with your subscribers.

You may of heard before “ THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” Well let me tell you it is not, it's in the RELATIONSHIP, TRUST AND VALUE you share with your friends.

Lets get you to join my list and may be we can become friend along the way. How dose that sound with you.

Click Through Here to get started with your own online digital business today, I have some great gifts for you, that will also allow you to get started even quicker with your online digital business and email marketing.


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